Placing Vinyl Design on Perler Earrings Using Silhouette Machine

How to Place Vinyl Designs Onto Tiny Earrings

This post is part 2 of my perler earrings tutorial post earlier this week, and will give you tips for measuring the vinyl design so you get perfect placement every time. To see my diy perler earrings post you can click here for that link. This post is for Silhouette or Cricut users, and will require the use of vinyl. You can purchase a 40 ct of 12×24 sheets for $34.99 here. You can also get a silhouette or cricut machine through that link, although I highly recommend shopping around town for a deal on a machine because online prices can be steep for the machines.

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photo 2

There are a few different ways of doing it but mine is easiest!

You could go about this a few different ways but my way was just easier, required less math, and less tools. Since I am not a mathematician, and I misplaced my measuring tape, I had to figure out an easier way.  I was getting impatient as it was so I wanted something that works fast and would be simple.

Start off by placing the perler earring on your finger like I am in my picture above.

Then stick your mat over the earring

photo 1


This will give you an idea of how large to make the design. Once you figure this out then open your silhouette software, and add a design to one square and resize until it is slightly smaller than the earring.

resized earring

Set your machine up, and cut the design. Once it’s cut do reverse weeding to place onto the earring.

Reverse Weeding

I like this video to teach how to reverse weed. I could not find the original video I learned from, but this lady does a great job showing us how to do it, and an added bonus is learning how to do the logo 😉

So yeah this is showing reverse weeding for a Starbucks logo, but it is the same concept, and you would do this for the earrings.

Once the weeding is complete you then just place the earring over the design as centered as you can get it. Rub the design really well, and pull back on the transfer tape.




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